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Water Leader Summit

The United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are an urgent call for action by all countries to achieve sustainability, hoping to find a development model that meets the needs of the modern world without compromising the benefits of future generations. All living things need water to survive. Without water, civilization as we know it would not exist. However, extreme weather ramps up with devastatingly frequent floods and droughts that wreak havoc in different places globally. In the face of climate change, how to think outside the box and lay the foundation for sustainable development and an eco-friendly environment through innovative and forward-looking water strategies while keeping the global development going and taking into account the rights and interests of the next generation goes beyond just a philosophical question, and more of a critical issue for experts in the field of water resources.

According to the World Economic Forum’s 2022 Global Risks Report, extreme weather events and climate action failure come in as top on the ranking of environmental risks, whereas the Sixth Assessment Report of the IPCC – Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change also shows that increases in the intensity and scale of rainstorms or droughts more than ever should be expected in the future, which will lead to more uncertainty and climate risks to the water environment.

Taiwan is in the process of climate change, and alternating droughts and floods has become the norm. The nightmare of a century-old drought is not far away.In the face of more severe extreme climate events in the future, the 2022 Taiwan International Water Week-International Forum, with the theme of "Innovative Strategies for Water Sustainability", through water and "environment", "economy", Issues such as "technology" and "culture" will bring together the sparks of cross-border cooperation between domestic and foreign production, government, academia, research, and society, so that everyone can use their "brains", "hearts" and "hands" to achieve a green Sustainability is the starting point, with a new and environmentally friendly thinking, to discuss and plan an innovative, forward-looking and comprehensive water strategy, through reducing demand, improving efficiency, recycling, cooperating and sharing, innovative use, environmental sustainability, etc. We and the next generation can have sufficient water resources and a water environment that coexists with water.


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